Best Bed for 3 Year Old Baby in 2019: A Guide for the Busy Mom!

Looking for the reviews on the best bed for 3 year old baby? You’re on the right page!

Babyletto Hudson 3 In 1 Convertible Crib

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Babyletto’s Hudson crib is featuring with its design. The crib has a modern design with pine wood. The Babyletto didn’t use any toxic varnish or dye on it.

This is a good feature for a crib.

The design itself looks good but the crib comes with some stickers on it and it is hard to clean it without alcohol and razor blade.

The brand proposing to use it until the baby reaches 35 inches, that means it’s approximately 4 years of usage. But the quality of materials and wood shows that it is not that possible.

The pinewood is softwood, so it can be get scratched and dented.

Dream On Me Addison 4 in 1 Convertible Mini Crib

Dream On Me’s Addison Crib’s feature is being small and easy to put together.

To put together all the parts takes less than an hour and all parts arrived with instructions. So it’s a good feature for a baby bed because within that means you do not need any help for putting things together.

The crib is a nursery type mini crib and it is designed well, looks good.

Mattress height is a good feature for a crib and this crib has 5 inches of a mattress which is really enough.

They used pine wood for the crib which is a softwood type but it is not a problem for a mini crib since it’s not designed for long-term usage in any way.

KidKraft Princess Toddler Bed

KidKraft’s Toddler Bed is shining through with its princess design. The design of bed looks like a princess’ bed this is why parents mostly buying it.

The bed supports 50lbs or less which means it’s designed for 6 years old toddlers or younger.

Just by using an additional part the bed can be transformed into a crib, this is also a good feature for kids. But there are some material quality issues here because of wood’s quality.

We do not have the information on wood’s type but some of the users had certain problems before.

Dream On Me Classic Design Toddler Bed

Dream On Me’s Classic designed toddler bed is outstanding with its design and simplicity of it. It is satisfying the demand of the customers/parents.

The price is affordable and the quality of production is good for it so the cost efficiency is good also. Design’s simplicity is another important feature.

Most of the customers like the toddler bed in that way. It is also low to the ground so it is safe for toddlers. The bed is a little bit hard to put together. The instructions are not enough.

Final Words on the Best Bed for 3 Year Old Baby

For toddler beds and cribs, there are some significant features.

One of these is production quality and life cycle for bed. Most of the customers are buying beds for almost 4-5 years of usage except mini-cribs.

Another feature is functionality.

Some of the beds are cribs and beds at the same time with some additional parts. The convertible feature difficulty is the criteria of functionality.

Design is another feature. Customers are selecting the bed considerating design by what they demand.

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