A Year of Family Fun Activities

Busy Mom on the Go is a blog dedicated to helping your family find new and exciting ways to spend time together.

We share ideas for family-fun activitiesbaby feedingbaby sleep and our popular “parenting” articles.  Brenda and I are sisters that have grown up with the rich traditions of family and togetherness.

Though our lives are filled with a little bit of everything we are dedicated to keeping these traditions at the heart of our young families.

No matter the season, indoors or outdoors, challenge your family to do more together.  We have compiled a list of activities that will help get you started.

First, start out with a list of activities you would like to target on a monthly basis.  Brenda’s list is included below for an example:

  • Dinner together at the table!   I will be trying out a new husband and kid-friendly recipes each week.
  • A family night each week.  This is a night where cleaning and errands take a back seat to the family!
  • 1 fun event that my husband and I each do with our son (individually) monthly.
  • 1 family fun weekend event each month.
  • 1 fun event with extended family each month.  The family is so important to me and I am very fortunate to have some of my extended family nearby.

Now, that you have your targeted list of musts each week and each month let us help you fill in that list with a year of family-fun activities!


  1. Make Dinner at the Table Fun! Many childhood memories are created around the dinner table.  Turn the TV off and strike up a conversation.
  2. Family Movie Night – quick tip: record movies on the DVR in advance.
  3. Family Game Night
  4. Family Bike Night/Take a Walk Night – quick tip: plan a simple dinner so you can bike/walk before sundown for a little exercise and family time. :)
  5. Family Cooking Night – have fun in the kitchen.  We have plenty of tried and true recipes that your family is sure to enjoy!
  6. Family Sundae Sunday – one word – YUM!
  7. Family Music Night/Dancing Night/American Idol Night
  8. Family Swim Night
  9. Family Card Night
  10. Family Craft Night
  11. Family Library/Bookstore Night – The library or bookstore is an excellent place to enjoy a good book!


  1. Hula Hoops– Try to keep a hula hoop up for 30 minutes.  I remember this being easy as a child, but now I think I got more exercise from picking up the hula hoop than it actually circling around my waist!  But it was a lot of fun and it is my son’s new favorite activity!
  2. Family Dance Night – Turn off the TV, turn on some fun music and dance the night away.
  3. Indoor Hopscotch – In my kitchen we have tiles so we marked off the course and started to hopscotch.
  4. Create an Obstacle Course – Get some exercise and a lot of laughs as you crawl under tables, hop over blankets, bear walk down the hall or jump up the stairs.
  5. Active Games – If you have a Nintendo Wii or Kinect for X-Box have fun playing active games one evening.
  6. Clear out the Garage – If you have garage space, clear out the cars and roller skate, or jump rope or ride bikes.  Depending on how much space you have this can be a great way to get active during winter months.
  7. Simon Says – Remember this classic game.  Well depending on what Simon Says will determine how much of a work out you get.  When the kids are Simon watch out because they have a lot of energy and will have you jumping and running in place!
  8. Hide and Seek – This is a favorite in our house.  It is fun for little children as well as older kids and sometimes even mom and dad!  So count to ten and ready or not, here I come!!!
  9. Balloon Play – Balloons are great to use as balls in the house because they are very light and less likely to break something.  See how long you can keep it in the air.
  10. Have fun with Yarn – Gather up all of your yarn and create a spider web around the living room!!  You can let your kid’s imaginations soar with how to tangle the yarn all over the furniture, end tables, around doors and wherever else their imagination takes them.
  11. Play freeze dance with the alphabet! I love this idea of cranking up the music and singing the alphabet and randomly pausing the music for each kid to stop and find something in the room that starts with the letter that we stopped on!
  12. Build a tent with sheets and blankets.  Let your kids set up their sleeping bags so they can spend the night under their tent!
  13. Check out an indoor attraction – Visit a local museum, art spot, jump zone, arcade, movie, etc.  Go online and maybe find something you have not done before.
  14. Have a Summery Picnic Indoors – Indoor blues no more with this cute idea.
  15. The Family Scrapbook – Let the entire family put together the family scrapbook!
  16. Decorate for all the holidays; even the small ones! How do you celebrate Groundhogs Day? How do you celebrate Mardi Gras?


  1. Add some color to your Snow! – If you are fortunate enough to have snow this year check this idea out.
  2. Pick apples at a local apple orchard.  Busy Mom on the Go has a great recipe for Cupcake OnesieCupcake Sandwich and Baked Apple Chips!
  3. Rake leaves into a huge pile and jump in!
  4. Roast marshmallows as a family over a bonfire. – Quick tip: Make S’mores in the microwave (graham crackers, chocolate and large marshmallows, microwave for about 10-15 seconds).
  5. Plant fall flower bulbs that will bloom next spring.
  6. Plant spring flowers and watch them grow.
  7. Go to the park!  They are just as much fun in the fall.
  8. Go to the Zoo.  The animals are more active now that it isn’t as hot outside!
  9. Grab a group of friends and family and participate in a charity walk.
  10. Attend a local football game.
  11. Get some friends together and play a game of touch football.
  12. Enjoy a family picnic.
  13. Go for a brisk walk or a bike ride.
  14. Play a game of Frisbee or catch in the backyard.
  15. Visit a farm or Farmers Market.
  16. Go to a pond and feed the ducks.

At Busy Mom on the Go our primary goal is to create opportunities that result in lasting memories or traditions.

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