Baking With Kids!

Baking or cooking with kids is a great way to spend quality time with your kids while teaching them a valuable life skill.  My son loves to help me in the kitchen especially when I am baking cookies!  Kids can start helping in the kitchen at a very young age and when you let them help they will gain confidence in themselves and their accomplishment.

Read Aloud – Get out the recipe you are going to make and first read the recipe out loud.  If your child is reading age have them read it with you.

Gather Together – Next gather all the ingredients that you will need.  Have your child help you compare your ingredients to the recipe to make sure that nothing was missed!

Mom’s Job – Preheating the oven is a job for a parent.  Explain to your child the importance of being safe in the kitchen.  Show how the pot holders are used to protect people from the heat of the oven.   I remind my son not to play with the oven/stove.

Order Please – Explain why you follow the recipe in order.  Placing ingredients in the proper order will insure that everything mixes together as it should.

Measure it up – Show your kids the measuring spoons for just a little and measuring cups when you need more.  Encourage your kids to look at the measurement on the recipe and find the corresponding spoon or cup.  Also let them have some fun by leveling with a butter knife or putting in a heaping cup or just a pinch.  For older children teach fractions by making a double batch or a half batch!

Crack up – My son loves to crack eggs.  Have your children crack the eggs in a separate bowl as they learn so any shells can be removed more easily.  Here is a good point to mention not to eat batter with eggs and to always wash hands and surfaces after handling eggs.

Mix it up – Now for the fun part.  Teaching how to stir, cream, mix, combine, sift and of course when to use the electric mixer.  The electric mixer is another tool in our kitchen that is to only be used with an adult, but my little one loves to see everything getting mixed up quickly!

Baking – Perfect opportunity to introduce time and setting timers so that your baked items will not burn.  While the items are baking, why not have your child help you with cleaning the kitchen.

Taste Testing – Of course once you are finished baking or cooking it is fun to taste what you made!

When baking with kids especially if it the first time, make an easy recipe that you know they like!  Here are some great recipes to try!

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