Plant Some Flowers and Watch them Grow!

plant some flowers and watch them grow

This is a great time of year to start planting some flowers either inside or outside.  All the stores are full of beautiful plants to decorate your house.

Planting flowers is also a great way to spend time with family and teach your children.  I love planting flowers with kids, because there is so much that they can help with!  When I go to purchase plants I like to take the entire family so that everyone can pick some flowers that they like for the flower beds.

This is also a great opportunity to teach your children.  Show them on the labels on each plant.  Help them learn to pick plants that will grow great in the spaces you have available.

If you do not have a lot of outdoor space, there are several options for indoor or balcony plants.  Even a couple hanging baskets can really make it feel like spring.

I love that children can usually help throughout the entire process of planting flowers.  From preparing the flower beds, planting the flowers and then after the flowers are planted the children can help with watering and maintaining the flower beds.

If you have a large enough area, you may be able to designate a small area that your children can work on completely by themselves.  This is a great opportunity to build confidence and your kids can take pride in their area of the flower bed.

If your family enjoys planting flower beds together, this might be a great opportunity for your family to give back and teach your children how to use their skills/talents to help others.

Maybe you have a neighbor who could use help with their flowers, or maybe you could get involved in a community effort to plant flowers in different parts of your community.

When my family is finished with our flower beds, I like to take everyone out for icecream and then to a store to buy some trinkets to decorate our garden.

A little reward for a job well done.

The kids and I love to pick up some garden statues, or signs to help make our flower beds fun.  Enjoy the space you have.  Sit outside often, enjoy the warm weather while you can!

Do you have a fun outdoor activity that encourages family togetherness?

I love small projects or fun ways to enjoy the outdoors.  Outdoor activities are a great way to keep the family close and encourage exercise!

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