Best Baby Bottles

As a new parent, buying one of the best baby bottles is going to be at the top of the list of your priority.

While breastfeeding is a very personal experience, bottle feeding can be a lot more different.

And you need the right bottle for your baby in order to ensure he/she takes to it without having a problem moving back to breastfeeding.

Importance of Your Infant Health While Bottle Feeding

An infant’s health is the most important aspect of human development and one of the ways to safeguard that is to take care of the baby’s feeding routine.

Often, a parent has to resort to artificial feeder bottles and it becomes extremely crucial for the caretaker or parent to choose the best quality one.

Not only is the material of the bottle important, but it’s essential to keep in mind that the bottle doesn’t cause any form of the passing of the air through the nozzle.

This ultimately leads to stomach issues in the child’s system.

Let’s look at the different things you need to keep in mind when you’re buying the best baby bottles for your baby.


The Material of the Bottle

When it comes to bottles, the material becomes a defining factor in choosing the right kind for the baby.

There are different factors that come into focus for the same, such as the sturdiness of the product or how the material reacts to the liquid poured into it.

Let’s look at the different options.

1. Glass Bottles

Not only are glass bottles sturdy but they also last longer. They are also one of the most healthy and safe materials to put in a boiling jar of water to heat the milk.

However, the only problem is that they are more liable to break and are potentially very heavy for the babies to use.

2. Steel Bottles

Stainless steel bottles are known for being sturdy companions to the baby’s feeding routine. Not only are they unbreakable, but its material components mean that it responds really well to whatever you put in it.

It is also resistant to wear and tear, considering how volatile the feeding process can be.

However, because of its opaque nature, it becomes very important for the parent or the caretaker to gauge or measure the amount of liquid that is being filled inside.

3. Plastic Bottles

This is perhaps the most popular materials of them all. Plastic bottles come with its own advantages and one of the most important ones is that it is unbreakable.

These days, all baby bottles in plastic need to free of BPA, which is a chemical called bisphenol A.

Those that are free of BPA can easily be passed down from one child to another as it can be sanitized really well.


The Shape of the Bottle

It also helps if the parent or the caretaker has in mind the shape of the bottle since their child will be handling it. Let’s look at the different shapes and how they can help.

1. Small Bottles

If the bottle is too big, it may slip from the small, weak hands — which is why you get smaller bottles that are four ounces.

2. Big Bottles

Big bottles are for those kids who can handle the size.

However, it should be noted that even though the size may not be conducive for use for most kids, it is a perfect fit for diaper bags and becomes a very efficient way to carry around if you’re ever on the move.


The Vent of the Bottle

The venting system of the bottle’s nozzle becomes an extremely important part of the dispersal of the liquid since that’s the main factor that can or cannot cause acid reflux among the kids.

1. The Material of the Nipple

There are different materials of the nipple, ranging from latex to silicone. While latex is known to be softer and can take care of the smell of the milk, it is also susceptible to wearing out really fast.

The silicone material, on the other hand, is a much sturdier choice and is definitely easier to use. Additionally, it lasts up to a year.

2. The Size of the Nipple

The amount of drops that goes into the child’s mouth is very important since a baby doesn’t have the capacity to adjust the amount of liquid that goes down their gullet.

This is why the size of the nipple should be ideal to use for all kids. Go for a small size in case the flow is too much for the baby.

Alternatively, if the baby is getting cranky by sucking in too much, you can definitely try a larger nozzled vent.


Top 5 Reviews of the Best Baby Bottles 

In this review, we review some of the best bottles out there that are suitable for newborns to make it easy for you to choose the right one for your baby, right away!


1. Philips Avent Natural Newborn Baby Bottle Starter Set

Best Baby Bottles

The Philips Avent Natural Newborn Starter set includes five bottles, which is absolutely awesome.

And not only does it include five bottles but it includes different sizes of bottles that consist of two large bottles and three smaller ones.

The smaller three bottles show measurement up to 125 milliliters on one side and the equivalent on the other side.

On the other hand, the larger bottles go up to 26 milliliters in measurement with the corresponding ounces on the other side.

With this, you pretty much get all of the bottles that you need for the most part when you have a newborn. The package also includes a bottle brush for cleaning the bottles.

One important aspect of using bottles with a newborn and with a baby is cleaning them properly.

They need to be properly cleaned and sterilized. So, this brush will allow you to properly clean the bottles simply because it allows you to get deep inside each of them.

If you try to get your hand to fit inside one of the deep tall bottles, you are going to struggle big time. Another big plus to this newborn starter set is the formula dispenser that’s included.

The DisPenser

This dispenser has three equal sized compartments that mean you can place three equal sized amounts of formula in each and pour out from each compartment when needed.

So, if you are using powdered formula, you are going to get an equal amount in each compartment for feeding your baby while away from home.

Another advantage of this bottle: 

You will also get a hospital-grade silicone pacifier that you can easily keep in your diaper bag so that it can come handy whenever you want to calm down your baby.

With that being said, this doesn’t include absolutely everything that you will ever need but with regards to getting started with your newborn, these can serve as the first stepping stone for the things that you will need later.

This can also serve as a newborn starter gift so whether you are having a newborn yourself or if you know someone that you know about to have a newborn, this is definitely something to consider because it will help give them a good start towards parenting their newborn.

Another advantage to using this bottles is that they are dishwasher safe, so you can expect to wash it in the dishwasher even on a regular basis without wearing out the bottles.

Moreover, the bottles are well built and they don’t leak due to heavy usage and are free from BPA, PVC and phthalate.

Final Verdict on this Bottle

Although these bottles are great for a newborn, they might not be fitting for breastfed babies. So, if you have a breastfed baby, you may want to look at models that have a slow flow to suit your baby’s situation.

Moreover, the bottles are very big so it might be difficult to measure small amounts.

So for the first few uses, you can use an intermediate measuring device to ensure you are getting the accurate amount for your baby but be aware that this means more dishes to clean.

Once your baby gets a little older, it becomes easier.

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2. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature First Feed Bottle

Best Baby Bottles

Having a new baby is a wonderful experience. There are so many decisions to make, like how best to feed your baby.

Modern living often means you’d like to be able to switch between the breast and the bottle with a minimum of fuss with as little disturbance to your baby’s feeding routine.

That is why Tommee Tippee designed the Closer to Nature Feeding bottle, the closest thing to mums breasts as you can get.

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle is a soft natural shaped bottle for babies first feeding. It is a 5-ounce bottle which is designed specifically for newborns and preemies.

This bottle includes an extra slow flow nipple and a reusable milk storage insert which is used for storing breast milk. The extra slow flow nipple is large and shaped to mimic the breast to help your baby latch on easily.

It also helps with transitioning between breasts and nipple.

It has an Easy-Vent valve that makes feeding comfortable for baby. The bottle itself is curved, which makes it easy for infants to hold on to.

This is a great first bottle with the most significant aspect being the reusable breast milk compartment, which fits right into the bottle.

Design of the Bottle

This bottle’s innovative teat design closely mimics mum’s breasts. It is closer to nature in its size, shape, flex, and movements.

Its natural feel and super sensitive anti-colic valve and shape mean you and your baby can hold it in total comfort.

Conventional bottles encourage babies to take only the end of the teat to their mouths, which can be confusing when baby switch back to mum.

Slow Flow Eases Baby Feeding

Because of the slow flow on the bottle, they are suitable for breastfed babies who don’t always drink many ounces at a time, so if you have one, this bottle will be convenient to use for your young baby.

The extra slow flow nipple helps to prevent overfeeding and nipple confusion, which can surprisingly happen a lot.

While we can sing praises on this bottle all day, there are still some things you may not like about it. First, you have to buy the whole bottle in order for you to get the extra slow nipple.

If you are buying on a budget, this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back as most mums have found.

Another thing worth mentioning is what it would cost you to own this bottle. While this is related to the aforementioned, it just portends that you should be ready to spend more than you would on ordinary baby feeding bottles.

Final Verdict on this Bottle

This bottle helps your baby to feed naturally so you can switch easily between the breast and bottle, which allows the baby to breastfeed for longer.

This means that sometimes, you can take a break, safe in the knowledge the baby can return to your breast with no fuss or discomfort.

The soft touch silicon with added nipples for extra support closely matches the natural flexibility of movement of mum’s breasts.

The ergonomic bottle design allows it to be held comfortably in the hand in various positions. You can grip it from either the bottle or the base.

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3. Munchkin Latch 12 Piece Newborn Bottle Gift Set

buying baby bottles

The Munchkin Latch Bottles have a unique latch and anti-colic valve for a more natural and comfortable feed, helping to combine breast and bottle feeding.

It gently flexes stretches and pumps, thus mimicking the movement of the breast.

The nipple can easily adapt to a 360-degree rotation that helps with a continuous latch, reducing the risk of air ingestion, which then reduces the risk of colic.

The flexibility of the bottle allows the teat to reach your baby’s soft pallet, just like the breast for the most natural feeding position.

Truly mimicking the breast, the bottle features a Latch Stage 1 Teat with slower flow rate than other bottles, thus providing greater consistency between breast and bottle feeding and promoting a natural feeding.

As your baby pumps the teat, the pressure increases the flow of milk, imitating the breast for a comfortable and fulfilling feed. The anti-colic system is also very important in making your baby feed safely.

The Latch venting system allows air to vent from the bottle, so that; the base venting technology prevents air from entering the milk, reducing the risk of colic.

Also, the unique Latch teat and anti-colic valve help to make breast and bottle feeding work better together, for you and your baby.

Final Verdict on this Bottle

Experienced mums agree that the Latch bottle helps to ease the transition from breast to bottle, according to the research conducted by Munchkin from mothers. The bottles can take a lot of space in your diaper bag.

This can be an issue if you have other things to put in your diaper bag.

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4. Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle

baby bottles to buy

If you intend to formula feed your baby and now on a quest to find the best baby bottle, the Comotomo Bottle can be a game changer for you – and while they are costlier than most, these Bottles actually worth their weight in gold.

If you have a baby that always gas or has been colicky, it might be very difficult finding the suitable bottle.

However, with this bottle, you will find that this problem can easily be solved.

The bottle is made of 100% food grade silicone, which is much safer than plastic bottles.

Although the colored rim on the bottle is made from plastic, it doesn’t touch the milk, which means you baby can feed without any worries.

Design of the Bottle

The bottle is designed in such a way that when you squeeze it, the milk gently flows out, mimicking the way milk is released to the baby’s mouth during breastfeeding.

The bottle is durable, sturdy and well made such that they don’t turn yellow after being sterilized or warmed for some time and the dual air vent works wonders for colicky babies as it helps minimize gas ingested by the babies.

The nipples are well rounded that they don’t drip when turned upside down and the soft, round silicone shape of the bottle makes it easy for your baby to learn how to hold the bottle and feed independently.

Not only is it easy to clean, but it also dries faster than plastic bottles, which is a great plus.

The nipples do not collapse when the baby is feeding on it plus they are wide enough that they don’t create a “bottle-mouth”, which makes it easy for latching onto it.

Different Nipple Versions

There are four nipples with different flow and each one is to be used by your baby at different development stages. The slow flow only has one hole and is designed for newborns up to 3 months.

They will help your baby develop suckling without choking or spitting up. As your baby grows, you can transition to the Medium flow nipple which has two holes and are great for 3 to 6 month babies.

The fast flow nipple comes with three holes and is meant for your big boys and girls.

The last one is the variable flow nipples which adapt to your baby’s feeding style and can be used with thicker fluids.

To ensure your baby receive the ultimate protection before, during, and after feeding, each of the cups comes with a clear cap cover that prevents germs from getting on the nipples.

Final Verdict on this Bottle

Unlike other bottles, the Comotomo baby bottles will typically take longer to warm in baby warmers and may not easily fit a diaper bag designed for standard sized bottles.

Another problem is that you have to mind the ring on the bottle when putting back the nipple. If not done well, the nipple won’t sit properly on the bottle and that would make it leak.

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How to Correctly Bottle Feed Your Infant

Feeding your baby can be a wonderful bonding experience for you and your baby.

That’s why it’s important when feeding your baby with a bottle to sterilize the bottle beforehand and you should only take the top off at the very last minute.

This is because, there’s a lot of germs around us and if by chance, you prepare a bottle and it hits a countertop, it’s dirty again.

So, try to keep a protective top on the bottle to the minute you are about to feed your baby.

Also, when feeding your baby, you want to have your baby’s head much higher than the legs so that the milk can go down the baby’s throat comfortably.

You should also elongate the baby so that the stomach and the chest area aren’t scrunched up together.

Holding the baby so that the head is much higher than the feet and the stomach stretches, you just hold and push the bottle gently into the baby’s mouth.

If your baby is still very young, he/she might reject the bottle outright by doing a thrusting out motion.

The best way to help that is to shape the nipple on the bottle a little bit in the baby’s mouth while pressing the nipple to the top of the baby’s mouth. Eventually, your baby should latch on without problems.

Another important thing is to always make sure that the nipple is full of milk because sometimes you might get distracted while feeding your baby and may not realize that the fluid level has gone down.

When this happens, more air gets into the bottle which goes directly down the baby’s throat. And the more air the baby gulps, the more gas ingested which will result in crying and throwing up.

Because of this, you have to ensure you position the bottle with full milk in the nipple and as it gets lower, adjust the bottle by going higher so that the nipple is full again.

Consequently, there are many positions you can feed your baby in. You could put your baby in your lap and administer the feeding or if you need a little bit of help, you can put them in a highchair.

You can also feed your baby in a bouncy seat and feed them as long as you get to look at and talk to your baby, which further grows the bone.

Feeding your baby should really be a beautiful experience for your so if your baby cries every time you feed, it may be a telltale sign you need to talk to your doctor.

It could be colic or something with the milk or the nipple is simply too big or just too small. And it could be anything.

Remember to savor every moment during the feeding. 

Try as much as possible to keep eye contact and you could turn that into a wonderful time for you and the baby to bond.

Newborn Baby Burping Technique

One of the necessary but somewhat frustrating things that new parents talk about is burping their baby. It raises all sorts of questions including when to, what if there’s no burp, how hard do you pat and so forth.

That’s why we created this article to help with these burping techniques which include burping over the shoulder and on the lap.

Remember the reason you burp your baby is to release gas – this is the air that the baby may have taken in during a feeding.

Babies feel better after burping and the activity helps stimulate the baby. For the over the shoulder technique, you can either do this sitting or standing.

Try them both out and see which works best for you and your baby or you can alternate siting and standing.

First Technique:

To start, hold the baby up on your chest, so the baby is facing toward you with your arm tucked under the baby’s bottom for support.

You’ll want to pu a burping cloth over your shoulder in case the baby spits up. Use your dominant hand to gently but firmly pat your baby’s back between the shoulders working your way up and down.

You can also rub the baby’s back on several paths. After a while, you will get to know your baby and what works best.

Keep in mind that breastfed babies tend to burp less because they take in less air than bottle fed babies and sometimes babies don’t burp at all, which is perfectly normal.

Burp your baby for about a minute and then continue feeding. If your baby seems upset and is crying, try standing or rocking your baby or talking to your baby.

Second Technique:

The second technique is where your baby is sitting on your lap. Your baby can face either direction and you can use any of your legs where one open hand is holding the baby’s jaw.

The forefinger and thumb are used as a sort of wedge with the palm supporting the chest. Using firm but gentle pressure tilt and support the baby’s head up a little.

At first, it may seem a little awkward but after some practice, it will be second nature.

Remember that there is nothing wrong if the baby doesn’t burp every time and if the baby spits up, just wipe and continue again.

Use your dominant hand to gently but firmly pat your baby’s back between the shoulders working your way up and down as mentioned before.

You can also rub the baby’s back after several paths. One common question parents as is how often to burp their baby during a feeding.


We recommend burping your baby after the baby feeds with each breast but if you have exhaust your breast milk and someone else is feeding the baby, try half way through and again after the feeding.

You may notice that if your baby starts to fuss while feeding, this may indicate the need to burp. Be patient as you learn what your baby needs and likes.

Burping your baby is another activity that gives you hands-on contact as you touch, hold, and talk with your baby. All of this adds to the bonding experience.

As you gain experience, burping your baby will also be a confidence booster for you after all, there’s nothing like experience and we hope this article helped you.

Final Words on the Best Baby Bottles for Baby

Now that you have an idea what to look for when selecting a baby bottle for your child, it’s a matter of making a good choice among the top 5 models in this article.

You don’t need to have a long experience buying baby bottles before you can select the right one.

The aim of this guide on best baby bottles is to help you select a bottle that will fulfill your baby’s need and that suit your preferences.

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