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Medela Symphony Breastpump

Symphony allows greater freedom to the mom with options that allow both automatic and manual switching between the two pumping phases described above. If the mother begins expressing milk much before the preset time for the first phase to be over, she may begin her second phase by manually hitting the appropriate button on the kit. She also has complete control over how much vacuum should draw at her breast tissues, and she can also determine the cycle frequency when the milk starts flowing into the collection bags. Symphony is ever alert to her every needs!

The Symphony is happy to receive power supply from any 120V outlet. Alternatively, it can function with a separate battery pack that allows full pumping for up to one hour. Overnight charging is required for the battery pack to rejuvenate itself, after it has exhausted its energies in that one hour of pumping.


Medela Harmony Breastpump

There is a Let-Down knob on top of the pump handle, this should be pressed and released quickly for some time. The breast responds by letting down after a few moments. When this happens, the second, “Expression” mode should be switched to, by pressing the bottom of the pump handle. The breast now starts experiencing more relaxed strokes of sucking and release. Copious flow of milk starts to take place, in the same way that it does when the child is nursing at the breast.

The research team at Medela did not stop at that. In order to maximize the value for money for their customer, they attached a contoured, ergonomically comfortable handle that could be swivelled quite easily at angles to the breastshield. The mother need no longer have to sit with the pump in hand, in some military fashion, but could move her hands more relaxedly while pumping. The breastshield has a patented design too, which to the mother means a more gentler massage when the vacuum is sucking at the breast tissues.


Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump Starter Set

The Collect, Store and Freeze Bags, CSF Bags for short, come presterilized at Medela’s factory floor itself. They can be attached directly to the pump’s breastshield; which means that the expressed milk gets collected straight in the bag. Whenever it is time to empty the bag, all that one has to do is to tear open the built-in pouring spot. These bags are quite handy when the mother feels the need to express milk from breasts that have become full, while she is away from the child.

The Medela Breastpumping Starter Kit is rightly meant for starters. For mothers who are going to be away from their child for longer periods of time, such as working moms, will obviously have to go in for more heavy-duty equipment. Ditto is the case for mothers who need to express frequently, perhaps more than once a day; which implies quicker operations. But for the mother looking for that occasional pumping, the Kit is the perfect fit!

The breastpump is also useful when the breasts become too full with milk, to the extent of being engorged. In such a situation, it is not possible for the child to latch on to the nipple; as it instinctively recognizes that there is an abnormality. While manually pumping the breasts, the area of tissues around the nipple and areola get gently massaged, and a gradual disengorgement begins taking place.

Ameda One-hand Breast Pump

An important feature of the Ameda One Hand Breastpump is an built-in splash guard protector that directs milk flow away from the breast and also away from the piston.

The One-hand breastpump comes in two models: One with flexishields, and the other without. Flexishields are special inserts that cup the region around the areola, and while the suction takes place, these shields wield their magic by stimulating the areola tissue in exactly the same way that emulates the suckling action of the child. This results in the mother’s body responding favorably by letting down faster, and producing more milk.

Ameda’s One-hand breastpump is an economical alternative to its more fancy colleagues in the breastpump community. Despite its low cost, it has all the features that makes the life of a breastfeeding mom easier.

The handle assembly can be conveniently placed on the table, and the tubings from the assembly to the pump adjusted appropriately. By regulating the frequency with which pressure is applied to the assembly’s squeeze, suction and cycling strength can be controlled to the desired comfort level.

Ameda Purely Yours Electric Breastpump

Like its brethren models, this particular model has all the facilities and features that make it top class. For instance, the hightech, patented HygieniKit that comprises of a silicone diaphragm is standard part of the electric breastpump’s machinery. Thanks to this diaphragm, transmission of life-threatening bacteria and viruses, such as HIV and Hepatitis B & C, is blocked. This feature is especially useful when the pumps are rented (it does not stop transmission of disease from mother to baby, but from user to user).

Another plus with the Purely Yours Electric Breastpump is the eight levels of suction settings and four cycle speeds that it offers the mother. Suction at the breast stimulates the milk- carrying ducts to express milk, while the cycle speeds determine the number of times suction is applied and released in a minute. The combination of these two aspects faithfully mimics the suckling action that the child naturally performs, once it is latched on to the breast. Since every mother has her own comfort level where she can express milk at the optimum, she is free to experiment with both the suction setting and the cycle speed till she is adequately at ease.

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