Easy Cappuccino without an Espresso Maker

My husband and I, both enjoy a hot cup of cappuccino in the morning.   So much so that we have grown accustomed to stopping by our favorite coffee shop before work to pick up a cup.
When reviewing the family budget I wanted to challenge myself and learn how to make cappuccino myself.  My first obstacle; our family does not have an espresso maker and I am not ready to buy one at this time.

I did not always feel there was a need for a hot cup of Cappuccino, but for those “busy” mornings I started noticing myself craving a morning cup!

You know the ones; the baby woke up 3 times during the night, the dogs are clamoring to go outside an hour before the alarm.

After letting them out they start barking ferociously at the neighbor’s dogs from our side of the fence, get the dogs back inside (that come in with muddy paws), shower, hair and make-up (no time for this, but my co-workers appreciate it), forgot to pack lunch the night before, 6:30 am rolls around when its time to wake up my baby and she’s fast asleep, envious, but must stay on schedule.

So wake-up a beautiful sleeping baby, change her, feed her, dress her and finally rush out of the house 15 minutes late, which leaves me surprisingly impressed and I consider this morning commendable.

You know those mornings!

Nothing smells better than a fresh cup of cappuccino in the morning! The following is my recipe and it works out well for those “busy” mornings and all others!


  • 1 cup of skim milk
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • 1 1/4 cups of strong, fresh coffeecappuccino cups


  1. Brew your coffee strong. I like French Vanilla!   Blend the sugar and the milk and heat it for 1-2 minutes in your microwave.
  2. Blend the heated milk + sugar mix in your blender for 1 minute or until a fluffy foam appears.
  3. Pour the coffee into your cup, two thirds full, pour in a little-heated milk/sugar mix (that didn’t froth in the blender) and top it off with the heated froth.  

Take two:  ”No time for Froth” mornings:

I enjoy this recipe without step #2. If you are like me and can do without the froth this recipe can be made at work as easily as it can be made at home.

In true “busy mom” fashion, if the morning at home felt more like a mad dash against the clock, pack the milk/sugar mixture with your lunch and take it to work.

At work, heat up the milk/sugar mixture in the microwave for the same 1-2 minutes and pour into your mug of complimentary coffee provided by your employer. Stir and enjoy!

Happy Monday.  Do you have a great coffee or cappuccino recipe?  Please share in the comments!