Cupcake Sandwich: The Less Messy Way to Eat a Cupcake

your typical cupcake

What is not to love about a cupcake?

An individual piece of cake with lots of icing on top, YUM!

Cupcakes are very popular right now and most birthday parties that my son attends serve cupcakes & ice cream for dessert instead of the traditional cake & ice cream!

The one thing that I don’t love about cupcakes is that they can be messy for little ones to eat.  My son will take a bite of all icing and soon will be a sticky mess!

Introducing the cupcake sandwich!  Here is an easier, less messy way to eat a cupcake!  Next time cupcakes are served at a party try this trick:

  1. Simply take the bottom of the cupcake off (a simple twist and pull will make it easy).
  2. Next, put the bottom piece of cake on top of the icing.  A cupcake sandwich!
  3. Now little ones can eat their cupcakes with very little mess!

Cupcake Sandwich!

Quick tip for serving ice cream at your event:

  1. Scoop your ice cream into cupcake papers (a few hours before the party).
  2. Put them back into the freezer to stay frozen during the party.
  3. When it is time serve with your pre-scooped ice cream.

ice cream

Do you have a quick tip that would make any moms life a little easier?  If so we would love to hear from you.  We would love to post your ideas to other moms!

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